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Facade restoration

Wall coatings

Wall coatings can offer a variety of benefits to your exterior surfaces. They are highly durable and prevent cracks, resist dirt, and look great for years. Whether you need acrylic, elastomeric, or silicone elastomeric coatings, we'll help find the perfect option for you.

Building facade restoration

Water intrusion can wreak havoc on a structure. It will decay organic materials and accelerate corrosion of structural steel. If water isn’t controlled, it will eventually destroy. We keep the water out or away, keeping you safe from decay.


When you need brick replacement, tuck-pointing or other masonry services, we use principles of conservation in our work to ensure that your structure is restored in keeping with its value.

Masonry restoration

Keeping the exterior of your building in great shape is crucial. Extending the service life of your structure can maximize the owner’s return. CRX has the expertise to keep the facade performing at the highest level.


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Exterior Coating Swing Stage Exposed Aggregate Spall

Cracks in concrete structures, spalling, and corrosion induced failure head the list in stuctured concrete repairs. We combine advanced materials, technique, and craftsmanship into durable repairs.

Structural concrete repairs